A well-written corporate security policy is the foundation of a solid security program. The security policy lays out objectives, assigns various responsibilities, and provides direction to protect your organization’s critical information. Furthermore, most industry regulations and compliance mandates require a security policy be in place and contain a variety of critical security elements.

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Security Policy


To ensure the rapid delivery and consistent quality of the Security Policy Review solution we will follow these steps:

  1. Information Gathering
    • The process begins when a customer officially engaging Blue Lance and starts with a questionnaire and a ‘Getting Started Guide.’ The customer will designate points of contact and the project manager will work with the customer to develop a schedule of events for conducting the assessment.
  2. Document Request and Review
    • During the security policy review engagement we will conduct a thorough review of current documentation relevant to your organization’s security policy. This may include the following:
      • Current, draft, or proposed security policies or procedures.
      • Configuration standards.
      • Vendor configuration guidance documents.
      • Regulatory documentation.
      • Formal or Informal emails or memos sent to personnel that describe a policy position that has not been documented in a formal policy.
      • Documents that contain Information Security instruction or policy statements available only as hard copy.
      • Documentation that has been created specifically to meet industry regulations or compliance mandates.
      • Sample of contracts used for the engagement of contractors and third parties.
      • Sample of confidentiality agreements or non-disclosure agreements required for employees, and third-party staff.
      • Documentation containing job descriptions and relevant security responsibilities outlined.
      • Standard contract used by the company to engage any third party information security processing facility.
  3. Interviews
    • We may conduct a series of corroborating interviews with your organization’s relevant personnel. The interviews are conducted to ensure the inclusion of cross-functional groups’ requirements within the organization.


  • A policy that ensures that organization’s security policy confirms to the required industry standards and compliance mandates.
  • Recommendations to help your company build better organized and formal security program that will conform to industry best practice by following legal and regulatory strictures.
  • Policy Evaluation Recommendation.


  • Policy Evaluation Recommendation.