LT Auditor+ Best Practices Panels

The LT Auditor+ Best Practices Panels are a set of panels that highlight network activity captured with LT Auditor+, encapsulated into intelligent, easy to use portals that assist organizations with improving Cybersecurity practices and hygiene.

LT Auditor+ Best Practices Panels consists of the following Panels each with sub-panels or tabs containing specific visuals that display and disseminate valuable information required to improve an organization’s security posture.

  • The Logon Activity Panel displays data that tracks all logon activity in the organization. Valuable information on account lockouts, logon failures, suspicious logon activity and privileged logon activity is available for analysis, audits and compliance.
  • Active Directory Hygiene panels display a set of key metrics that organizations must monitor to keep the system healthy and resilient against Cybersecurity attacks. Maintaining Active Directory hygiene ensures a reduced attack surface resulting in significantly lowering the probability of security breaches, data exfiltration and exploitation.
  • Active Directory Activity panel displays key Active Directory changes that have occurred allowing for quick analysis and investigation. The panel also provide a set of key metrics on Privilege Escalations. Security Administrators must investigate events associated with user privilege escalation to ensure that escalation complies with organizational security policies.
  • Group Membership panel provides information on all Active Directory Groups and Group Members. This panel can be used to identify nested groups and status of members that will help administrators with Group Membership hygiene
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