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This update resolves issues when using the LT Auditor+ Reporting Console to connect to the LT Auditor+ Archive database after applying the AU1309 Authorized Users Update.

  1. Makes it quicker and easier to grant permissions to access LT Auditor+
  2. Allows Active Directory groups to be added as authorized entities
  3. Members inherit permissions configured for their group
  4. Supports nested groups
  1. Added functionality to scan for computers in the directory and provide reports on when these computers were last accessed.
    Provided the capability to exclude ‘Builtin’ security principals to reduce the volume unnecessary data collected as well reduce the time to perform Assessment Scans.
  2. Resolved issues when scanning for files and folder names with special characters
  3. Resolved issues with scheduling weekly scans

LT Auditor+ Management scripts perform the following functions:

  1. Scans Active Directory to discover Windows servers and workstations not audited with LT Auditor+ and proceeds to install LT Auditor+ agent software on these machines.
  2. Performs maintenance and updates on LT Auditor+ Windows agent machines.
  3. Receive important status messages about the LT Auditor+ database.

These scripts need to be run and scheduled using the LT Auditor+ Windows Assessment Console.

Instructions on how to move LT Auditor+ database to another SQL Server.

This patch resolves problems with audit data not being correctly deleted from the LT Auditor+ Archive database. This issue impacts customers running all versions of LT Auditor+ on Microsoft SQL Server databases.

This build supports auditing on OES 2015 NSS file systems and includes support for auditing CIFS access by Active Directory users.


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