LT Auditor+ 2013 Package

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Assessment, Auditing & Compliance Automation for Microsoft Windows

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This package includes:

LT Auditor+ 2013: Windows Assessment
Collecting and Reporting on assessment data, such as, Group memberships, file and folder permissions, last login activity, any many more …

LT Auditor+ 2013: Windows Server / Workstations
Audit file and folder activity
Audit successful and unsuccessful logins
Audit flash drive activity
Audit windows event logs

LT Auditor+ 2013: Active Directory
Audit active directory changes, such as creation, deletion, and modification of objects

LT Auditor+ 2013: Group Policy
Audit group policy changes

LT Auditor+ 2013: Compliance Reports

Additional Downloads

Collecting and reporting on assessment data, such as Group Memberships, file and folder permissions, last login activity …

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HF1307 boosts the reliability and resilience of LT Auditor+ as new monitoring and self-correcting capabilities have been added to ensure 24×7 time.

Auditor eDirectory changes
Audit successful and unsuccessful logins

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Audit NSS File System Activity

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Collecting and reporting on assessments for Users, Groups, Containers, NSS Volumes, Files, Trustee assignments …

This build supports auditing on OES 2015 NSS file systems and includes support for auditing CIFS access by Active Directory users.

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Audit Firewalls, Switches, Routers and any Syslog enabled device.

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Audit file/folder activities for NetApp

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Auditor eDirectory Changes
Audit NSS File System Activity
Audit successful and unsuccessful logins

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Collecting and reporting on SharePoint activity

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Auditing and reporting Microsoft SQL Server Activity

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