User Accounts Hygiene

User Accounts sub-panel is set of hygiene metrics for all active users on the network.


  • Dormant Privileged Accounts – Active privileged accounts that have been dormant is a serious security hygiene issue. An organization can be severely impacted if such accounts are compromised. Click on the report to view dormant privileged users and provide that information to an Administrator for remediation.
  • Password Never Expiring Accounts – These accounts do not have the requirement to change their passwords. This is a serious concern as they bypass organizational password policies. Such accounts are susceptible to password cracking since a hacker has theoretically unlimited time to do so.

  • Password Not Required Accounts – These accounts can be logged into without a password. This a very serious deviation from standard security practices since a compromised account gets automatic access to the organization.
  • Password Change Not Allowed – These accounts cannot have their password changed by the user. Passwords left unchanged gives more time to attackers to crack them.
  • Dormant Accounts – Active accounts that have had no logon activity for a defined stale period (Default is 90 days). These accounts must be disabled to reduce avenues of attack.
  • Never Logged on Accounts – Accounts with no logon activity since creation. These accounts, though never used, can still exist as a point of entry into the system for attackers.
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