I had a conversation with a C-level banker last week who asked me what my mission, our company’s mission is. Here is how I replied:
Fostering education and discussion about affordable and effective cybersecurity and compliance solutions among C-level executives in small to mid-sized regional banks is critical. C-level executives are ultimately responsible for their organization’s reputation and viability. C-level executives are also responsible for effective Cybersecurity. Some of them defer their decision-making role in favor of more technically oriented colleagues. I try to help them focus on the core elements of a best practices solution given their limited resources.

The banker told me “I hired a trained cybersecurity officer to advise me on securing our data”. I replied – A bank’s digital network can seem very complicated. It has many components with different functions. But its real assets, specific elements of the bank’s data are targeted by criminals in limited “channels”. Attacks may originate with phishing or other methods of gaining user’s credentials but once in the network certain actions are always repeated to effect the theft of data. Access Rights – User Privileges allow users to access the bank’s data assets. Bad actors in most cases enter a network through stolen credentials (Privileges) and then seek to escalate these privileges in order to steal or hide (encrypt) the data. Understanding these key points helps drive clear decisions regarding cybersecurity.

The banker then told me “We have a very expensive cybersecurity solution but my security manager tells me he needs more staff to review the logs and periodic reports it generates. I cannot afford to hire more staff.” I replied – there are a few key system actions which are telltale signs that criminals are active in your network. Effective cybersecurity software monitors 24×7 and notifies you immediately via email when those actions occur. You can stop the bad guys in their tracks 90% of the time.

Ineffective and costly solutions do not necessarily provide best practice focused immediate notifications. So, my mission is to help the good guys protect their organizations effectively in ways they can afford with limited human expertise and financial resources.

BLUE LANCE’s LT Auditor+ cybersecurity software accomplishes protection against these attacks. It does it with ease and employing Best Practices developed over 30+ years of cybersecurity leadership.

Enlarge your security umbrella and stretch your budget and lighten your technical load. Make a historically good decision – consider and then implement the best – LT Auditor+ from BLUE LANCE.

For further information or a demonstration of LT Auditor+ please contact Mikell Becker, VP – The Banking Channel 713-255-4840 or email: mbecker@bluelance.com