The cost of breach events is estimated at nearly $900,000 for even small and mid-sized businesses. It is a huge expense and it continues to climb. A ransomware attack can be a truly existential event for companies which don’t have financial and technical resources and business continuation and recovery plans in place.

How do small and mid-sized companies protect themselves? Defensive solutions are very expensive and the truth is that no defense is perfect. Everyone will be hacked it is just a question of when and how prepared the victim company will be.

The latest and highest technology terms AI, Machine Learning, robotic solutions on every tongue are budget busters and cannot guarantee complete protection.

What can a responsible business leader do? BLUE LANCE has a very affordable solution which starts with internal network hygiene. By implementing the recommended cyber security frameworks and complying with HIPAA, SOX, FFIEC, PCI or NIST Guidance you can improve your level of cybersecurity and harden your most important defenses by 85% to 90% or more.

BLUE LANCE’s LT Auditor+ will scan your network, assess your internal controls’ vulnerabiities, provide a detailed list of remediations that your staff and your MSP can implement. It will also continue to monitor your infrastructure 24X7. It provides focused alerts and critical email notifications to your key staff members about urgent issues as they are sensed. It provides analytical tools your staff and MSP can use to resolve issues in a timely fashion.

This is a mature product from a 33 year-old global company with users in 16 industries and many countries. This is all we do! And we have integrated the latest technology into our Enterprise level solution which is still surpisingly affordable and yes we have a secret sauce that enables you to reduce your expenditures while still employing the state-of-the art expensive tools.

Sounds like hype? No, we have learned by serving all of our customers over the years. Our solution starts you off with a Free 25 Point Cyber Hygiene Scan that quickly will give you an indication of the state of your network’s vulnerabilities with an easy to understand report on the most critical elements of your information defenses. Next, we have an automated and detailed cybersecurity assessment that you and your MSP can employ to assess how well your organization meets the best practices and standards of the industry. It produces reports to assist you in building a solid plan for remediation, data governance, business recovery and continuity. Yes, that is also a tool that your MSP can use to help you control your costs of protecting your enterprise. Our solution LT Auditor+ also provides you with hundreds of standard, best-practices-based reports to enable you to meet your auditor’s and regulatory requirements. HIPAA, FFIEC, NIST 800, ISO 27001, SOX these and others will meet your needs. It is a comprehensive solution.
Ok enough reading, let’s get a Free 25 Point Cyber Hygiene scan and test the waters.

20 January 2020  –  Contact Mikell Becker, VP Sales at BLUE LANCE – 713-255-4840