Ransomware research shows that the costs of ransomware attacks and recovery continue to be very expensive and pervasive. A recent report by the security team at KPN, a Dutch telecommunications provider indicates their research over a large number of ransomware attacks using just one particular attack tool found that the average ransomware demand was $260,000. Investigation, remediation, downtime, lost revenue or reputational damage were not included in that cost for the victims of that particular attack weapon.

BLUE LANCE’s advanced capabilities using special analysis techniques can detect the typical nexus of these nefarious attacks. LT Auditor+ can provide real-time notifications when such attacks are underway. When you need a seasoned best-practices solution to Cybersecurity monitoring, assessment, auditing, compliance with regulatory requirements, remediation support it is LT Auditor+.

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BLUE LANCE’s LT Auditor+ the integrated solution for Cybersecurity and Compliance. Implemented on-premise, in the cloud and in hybrid installations. Trials available at no cost.

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