You planned for ongoing modernization of your corporate network and infrastructure but who knew that the PANDEMIC was coming to eat your lunch … and dinner?

What to do when you are not able to give company owned laptops to everyone!

At least two major steps are necessary to enhance the security of your home workers’ workstations and by extension – your network.

1st you have to communicate to your employees what the basic configuration requirements are to operate in whatever environment you put together. Remote Desktop – VPN, identity management, zero trust; basics like O/S – RAM – processor – modem – download and upload speeds. Communicate the myriad details to your people and then enforce that standard. Establishing a secure folder in which to store any work product for any application they run is necessary. Monitoring it and their USB drive are critical security steps.

2nd you must scan their infrastructure and assess immediate problems. Fix the problems and then monitor their workstations for security issues and data leakage potential.

You cannot ignore compliance just because it’s a PANDEMIC. You must set policies in place and then monitor to detect changes. Knowing when and which applications they are running is helpful not just when they logged on and connected to your VPN.

BLUE LANCE’s Workstation Monitoring agents help you scan, monitor and assure compliance reporting. Immediate email notifications keep you on top of issues. New interactive graphical data portals enable rapid response and investigation of incidents.

Blue Lance’s LT Auditor+ supports you through these challenges. You need to know more – contact me at 281-255-4840

Mikell Becker – Vice President, Sales –