Banking Viability in a threatening world of Cyber-Insecurity

You will be breached, there is no doubt. What you do about it is critical.

Cybersecurity is creating a lot of noise and many claims are being made about how to protect your bank. Defense in depth is often the core standard for protection. You have to surveil your perimeter. You need to analyze network traffic. Collecting and analyzing logs of network activity is necessary.  All of these actions are important but all of these analytical activities are time and cost intensive and still they will not keep you from being breached. I mean bad actors will get into your network.

There is a common element to all of these breaches – once they have gained access to your network, they will attempt to elevate their privileges. Administrator privileges are necessary for most breaches and data-exfiltration to be staged. What does this mean for your cybersecurity defensive efforts?

You must first assess the current state of your internal access controls. These controls usually reside in your Active Directory and Group Policy functions which are part of your operating system core upon which all your application programs  rely for access to databases and system resources.

Next, there are known “Best Practices” to make it more difficult for bad actors to move around in your network and access your information. It is necessary to remediate, that is fix the mis-configurations of your Active Directory and Group Policy settings. Implementing best practices make it much more difficult for bad actors to accomplish their crimes.

Your next step is to monitor these critical access controls 24X7 to make sure no one changes them. I do not mean you have to have a person actively monitoring these controls. Cybersecurity software can monitor these settings and immediately report to you via an email if these settings are changed. There are other key indicators that a bad actor is working in your system. Among these are the previously mentioned elevation of access privileges, establishment of new user or administrator accounts, large scale renaming of files and large scale copying of files to new locations including transmission of files outside of your network. A proper monitoring system will detect these activities and notify you immediately via emails of such occurrences. You do not want to find out about these activities – days, weeks or months later.

BLUE LANCE’s LT Auditor+ cybersecurity software accomplishes all of these actions. It does it with ease and employing Best Practices developed over 30+ years of cybersecurity leadership.

Enlarge your security umbrella and stretch your budget and lighten your technical load. Make a historically good decision – consider and then implement the best – LT Auditor+ from BLUE LANCE.

For further information or a demonstration of LT Auditor+ please contact Mikell Becker, VP – The Banking Channel 713-255-4840 or email: