You must increase protection of your Home Workers. BLUE LANCE HELPS


Auditing & Compliance must now expand to include remote workstations!


BLUE LANCE is taking immediate steps to assist businesses in securing their networks and remote working employees during the upcoming months.


Auditing & Compliance must now expand to include remote workstations!

  • Track all logons and logoffs through your VPN
  • Know when users workstations are active or inactive
  • What applications are being run
  • Remotely monitor your workstations’ logon success or failure
  • Track creation, deletion, copying and renaming of Files and Folders on remote workstations or local desktops.
  • Verify USB usage
  • Know when the remote workstation is actually active (Lock Screen on-off)
  • What sensitive files and folders are being accessed, copied and deleted
  • Monitor for installation of potentially unauthorized Application software


Many companies have asked their employees to work from home and practice social isolation in order to slow the spread of the virus. This critical step can potentially save thousands of lives and help avoid productivity losses. It will allow many businesses to operate effectively while keeping employees safe.

However, this new mode of operation poses significant new threats to the security of your networks and laptops.

BLUE LANCE is making its LT Auditor+ Windows Workstation and VPN – Perimeter Device monitoring application available to all current customers regardless of whether it is included in your current license. We will as always help to expeditiously install the monitoring agents on all your employees’ workstations and help configure those agents to monitor critical files, folders and USB ports. The historical user fee will be charged but may be deferred for up to 6 months if those funds are not in your existing budget for immediate payment. If Workstation monitoring is included in your current license we will assist you in confirming it is properly configured at no charge.


Please contact Mikell Becker, VP – Sales to schedule immediate assistance.   Direct Phone – 713-255-4840