LT Auditor+: Group Policy

LT Auditor+ for Group Policy is configurable to fit seamlessly into any organization, large or small. LT Auditor+ allows your organization to immediately reap the benefits of continuous security and compliance monitoring by enabling your organization to improve incident response time, provide comprehensive audit reports, meet compliance control transformation requirements, ensure privacy, confidentiality and integrity, all while saving time and money.

Features and Benefits

  • High Quality Data: Provides clear, concise information on who did what from where and when on all GPO objects within your Active Directory environment in human readable format.
  • Policy Changes: Monitor changes to attributes of audited GPO objects and provides a record of before and after values for change control.
  • Simplified Management: Provides the ability to audit and monitor GPO objects across multiple Activity Directory forests from a single console.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Get notified in real time when critical policy changes occur for any GPO object. Events such as, changing Domain Controller audit policies, Account Password policies or Account Lockout policies can immediately notify security administrators to ensure faster threat mitigation responses.
  • GPO Accountability: Provides a detailed record of who linked GPO’s to OU objects; who added, deleted or modified Delegations to a GPO and who changed critical security options that potentially violate organization security policy.
Group Policy
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Audited Events

Change Password Policy
Change Account Lockout Policy
Change Audit Policy
Change Security Settings
Change Event Log Settings
Define user rights
Undefine user rights
Add/Remove user rights member
Change security option
Change event log settings
Create/Delete restricted group
Add/Remove member to restricted group
Make/Remove restricted group member of
Add/Remove/Change file system security policy
Change file system security descriptor
Change Administrative template
Add/Remove/Change Extra registry settings
Change system service policy
Change system service security descriptor
Add/Remove/Change registry security policy
Change registry security descriptor
Change Administrative Templates
Add/Remove/Change Extra registry settings
Change Administrative Templates
Add/Remove/Change Extra registry settings

Report Templates

Password Policy Changes Report
Account Lockout Policy Changes Report
Audit Policy Changes Report
User Rights Assignment Changes Report
Restricted Groups Changes Report
File System Changes Report
Group Policies Added/Removed
Kerberos Policy Changes Report
GPO Links Created Report
GPO Links Deleted Report
GPO Linked Modified Report
GPO Delegations Added Report
GPO Delegations Modified Report
GPO Delegations Removed Report
GPO Security Filtering Changes Report
GPO WMI Filtering Modified Report
Security Options Changes Report
Event Log Settings Change Report
System Service Change Report
Registry Changes Report
Machine Administrative Templates Change Report
User Administrative Templates Change Report
Machine Software Installation Changes Report
Machine Script Changes Report
User Software Installation Changes Report
User Script Changes Report