LT Auditor+: Compliance Reports

Make reporting for regulatory compliance painless and cost effective. LT Auditor+ Compliance Reporting automates the reporting for information and internal controls for critical assets important to any organization. Compliance mapping for regulations, standards and frameworks have been built into LT Auditor+ to produce streamlined reliable reports that provide leadership with confidence in the integrity of business processes and information.

LT Auditor+ Compliance Reports maps audit data collected by LT Auditor+ products to the following statutory regulations, standards and frameworks.

  • HIPAA – Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.
  • SOX – Sarbanes Oxley Act.
  • FFIEC – Federal Financial Institutions Examiners Council.
  • PCI-DSS – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.
Compliance Reports
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Reports Template

Tier 1: Objective 1 Section 4
Tier 1: Objective 3 Section 1
Tier 1: Objective 4 Section 1
Tier 1: Objective 6 Section 10
Tier 1: Objective 7 Section 6
Tier 2: ARA Section 1
Tier 2: ARA Section 2
Tier 2: ARA Section 3
Tier 2: ARA Section 4
Tier 2: ARA Section 5
Tier 2: ARA Section 8
Tier 2: AUTH Section 1
Tier 2: AUTH Section 8
Tier 2: B Section 6
Tier 2: B Section 7
Tier 2: M Section 1
Requirement 2.1
Requirement 2.2
Requirement 6.3.1
Requirement 7.1.3
Requirement 7.2
Requirement 8
Requirement 10
Requirement 11
ID.GV-2, ID.GV-4, ID.RA-3, ID.RA-4, ID.RA-5
ID.RM-1, ID.RM-2, ID.RM-3
PR.AC-1, PR.AC-3, PR.AC-4, PR.DS-9
DE.CM-1, DE.CM-3, DE.CM-7
164.306 (a)(1), a(2), a(3)
164.308 (a)(1)(i), a(1)(ii), a(1)(ii)(A)
Segregation of Duties
Service Administrator Account Restrictions
Service Administrator Auditing
Service Administrator Account Access
Domain Controller Access Monitoring
Domain Controller Security Settings Changes
Changes to Important Active Directory Objects
Monitor Generic Administrator Account
Non-Active Directory User Access
Server Console Access Restrictions
Log Management Activity