LT Auditor+: Active Directory (AD)

LT Auditor+ for Active Directory (AD) provides best of class audit and compliance reporting. Backed by world-class support, LT Auditor+ assesses, audits and alerts on Active Directory changes in real-time and generates easy-to-read, examiner friendly reports.

LT Auditor+ for Active Directory is configurable to fit seamlessly into any organization, large or small. LT Auditor+ allows your organization to immediately reap the benefits of continuous security and compliance monitoring by enabling your organization to improve incident response time, provide comprehensive audit reports, meet compliance control transformation requirements, ensure privacy, confidentiality and integrity, all while saving time and money.

Features and Benefits

  • High Quality Data: Removes the complexity from cryptic event logs by providing clear, concise information on who did what from where and when on your Active Directory infrastructure in human readable format.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Get notified in real time when critical changes occur in Active Directory. Events such as, escalating privileges to powerful group memberships or granting security permissions to sensitive objects can be immediately tracked enabling a faster response to threat mitigation.
  • Attribute Changes: Monitor all changes to critical attributes of objects along with the ability to audit before and after values to ensure a record of all changes.
  • Audit Data Reduction: Allows for complex filtering from hundreds and thousands of events per second so as to collect relevant data for auditing. This avoids the clutter and noise associated with enormous volumes of event log data, providing for high quality reporting and forensic analysis.
  • Account Lockout: Captures the source IP address/workstation name for account lockout events to identify if an attack is in progress or to assist administrators troubleshoot a problem.
  • Simplified Management: Provides the ability to audit and monitor multiple Activity Directory forests, across geographic locations from a single console.
Active Directory
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Audited Events

Create Object
Delete Object
Modified Object
Modify Security DACL
Account Locked Out
Account Unlocked
Enable Account
Disable Account
Set Password
Change Password
Add Member to Group
Remove Member from Group
Add Member to Universal Security Group
Remove Member from Universal Security Group
Trusted Domain Added
Audit Policy Change

Report Templates

User Accounts Created Report
User Accounts Deleted Report
User Accounts Modified Report
User Accounts Enabled/Disabled Report
User Accounts Change Password Report
User Accounts Set Password Report
Groups Created Report
Groups Deleted Report
Group Membership Modification Report
Object Security Modification Report
New Domain Controller Added Report
Domain Controller Deleted Report
Enterprise Admin Added Report
Computer Added To Domain Report
Guest Account Enabled Report
Domain Admin Added Report