LT Auditor+: Windows Assessment

Analyze and audit configuration and permission settings for Microsoft Active Directory and Windows Servers with LT Auditor+ for Windows Assessment. This application can be easily setup to periodically scan and collect data on Active Directory Users, Groups, Organizational Units, Files and Folders.

This scalable solution provides capabilities for compliance and security assessments, documenting users with excessive permissions and identifying security vulnerabilities. Several predefined report templates are available to quickly gain insights to issues that need remediation.

Features and Benefits

  • Enhanced Visibility – Bridge the collection of Windows assessment data on permissions and configuration settings of entities within Active Directory with who made these changes to assure compliance with policies and provide accountability.
  • Extensibility – Designed to address any IT audit and assurance requirements by allowing customizations to fit any business.
  • Data Quality – Powerful querying capabilities to deliver easy to read reports that are clear and concise.
  • Least Privilege – Identifying excessive permissions to comply with principles of least privilege and “need to know”.
  • Data Ownership – Quickly identify data owners to assist with classification of sensitive and critical information.
  • Customize Reports – Create customizable reports with advanced filtering that can be exported to multiple formats like PDF, HTML, CSV, EXCEL.
Windows Assessment
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Reports Template

User passwords expiring in 30 days
Users who cannot change their password
Users with expired passwords
Users with passwords that never expire
Users who do not require passwords
User accounts expiring in 90 days
Expired user accounts
Accounts that never expire
Locked out accounts
Users not logged in the past 90 days
Users never logged in
Membership to Domain/Enterprise Admins Groups
All Groups and Group Members
Groups with no members
Nested Groups
Security Permissions on OUs
Security Permissions on Groups
Security Permission on Users
Security Permission on Folders
Security Permission on Files
Security Permissions on Containers
OU Summary
OUs with linked GPOs
Empty OUs
OUs not protected from deletion
Disabled Users
Groups belonged to
User Settings
Users with no email addresses
Users with no managers
Users with managers