LT Auditor+: Network Devices

Reporting with LT Auditor+ for Network Devices has never been faster and easier. Through centralized reporting, users can consolidate data or create forensic analysis reports organization-wide. LT Auditor+ for Network Devices offers over 100 standard reports that target both security and compliance, all while adding drill-down capability to individual events. Additionally, new reports may be created and customized to display only required details and scheduled for automated delivery.

Features and Benefits

  • Quality Data: Removes the complexity from SYSLOG messages by collecting log data from network devises or applications and transforming unstructured data into clear and concise information.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Get notified in real time when critical changes occur on network devices such as configuration changes or access violations.
  • Audit Data Reduction: Allows for complex filtering from hundreds and thousands of messages per second so as to collect relevant data for auditing. This avoids the clutter and noise associated with enormous volumes of event log data, providing for high quality reporting and forensic analysis.
  • Track Configuration Changes: Monitor when configuration changes occur on critical devices to ensure that these changes were authorized as part of change control processes.
  • Application Logs: Collect audit logs from any third part application to ensure compliance with security policies for all IT assets in an organization.
  • Track Authentications: All types of successful or unsuccessful login activity to network devices can be monitored to ensure authorized access to systems.
Network Devices
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Audited Events

Firewall / Router

Connection Opened
Connection Closed
Broadcast Packet Dropped
DNS Packet Allowed
ICMP Packet Dropped
Website Access Denied
TCP Connection Dropped
Website Accessed

Report Template

TCP Connection Denied
Deny inbound UDP
Deny inbound ICMP
Deny TCP (no connection)
Level 0 (Emergency) Messages
level 1 (Alert) Messages
Level 2 (Critical) Messages
Level 3 (Error) Messages
Level 4 (Warning) Messages
Unique Login by User
Break Glass by User Report
Patient Chart by User Report
Patient Chart by Organization Report
Patient Chart unique view by User Report
All Logon Related Report
SSH Login Report
SU Login Report
SUDO Activity Report
PAM Activity Report
All Failed Logon Related Report
Failed SSH Login Report
Failed SU Login Report
Failed SUDO Activity Report
Failed PAM Activity Report