Why Election Hacking Should Matter to Every Business Leader

It’s everywhere in the news: Russia has been blamed for meddling with the 2016 American presidential election.

Reactions are all over the place too. Trump calls the accusation “ridiculous.” Cyber experts say direct hacking of voting booths is “unlikely.” They point out the decentralized design in which booths aren’t connected to the Internet or each even […]

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The 2016 Holiday Must-Have List

We all know the universal rule of thumb for gift-giving: “It’s the thought that counts.”

But I think kids everywhere would agree there’s also a universal gift-giving faux pas. It’s when a child rips open a gift and squeals in delight to find a shiny new toy all for him – only to discover batteries […]

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The big phish: Don’t get hooked by ransomware or B.E.C.

For as long as the internet has been a primary mode of doing business, cyber criminals have used phishing scams to steal money and information from consumers and businesses. But recently, cyber thieves have innovated new variations on traditional phishing scams such as ransomware and business email compromise.

What is phishing?

Phishing scams occur when criminals pose […]

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Six ways to prevent or limit the impact of a cyberattack

Cybersecurity threats happen – and often. It’s gotten to the point that we can read a story every day about shady characters hacking into company information.

In fact, it’s been reported that LinkedIn is a recent target. More than 100 million people are reportedly in danger of having their login information exploited. Hackers have even found […]

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Do these three things today to secure your company data

We hear about hackers breaking into company networks nearly every day. They damage, steal, and release sensitive data. They put our companies and customers at risk. If you’re a business leader or IT professional, it’s important that you stay informed on how best to approach cybersecurity in your organization.

Expert on the front lines

For this reason, Blue Lance […]

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Monitoring Windows/AD Authentications and Logon Activity

Microsoft Windows operating systems uses a variety of authentication technologies that allow users access to resources on the network. These authentication protocols include Kerberos, NT LAN Manager (NTLM), Negotiate, Schannel (secure channel) and Digest which are all part of the Windows security architecture.

LT Auditor+ 2013 is able to completely audit all activity associated with Kerberos […]

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Inactive Active Directory User Accounts

Active Directory (AD) users’ IDs that have not been used for extended periods of time pose a threat to any organization, as these IDs could be used to gain illegal access to the network.  Most security policies and compliance regulations also mandate that Active Directory user accounts be disabled after a certain period of inactivity. […]

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Auditing and Monitoring Active Directory Group Policies

Group Policy is a core component of Active Directory (AD) used to centrally manage an organizations’ security, application, and user settings. Group Policy settings are divided into user and computer sections, and a policy can be configured to be applied based on whether the target is a user or computer object.

An extensive range of functionality […]

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Assess and Monitor File/Folder Security Permissions

Access to files and folders is controlled by permissions or Discretionary Access Control Lists (DACLs) assigned to folders and files. In an Active Directory (AD) environment, user access to file and folder resources is governed by DACLs assigned directly or based on memberships to groups that have been granted permissions to these resources.

LT Auditor+ 2013 […]

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