How can you cost effectively secure your Bank’s business information, protect your assets and reputation and ensure your long-term viability?

A mature Cybersecurity posture and business recovery preparations are necessary to survive in today’s threatening environment of world-wide attackers intent on taking your money, ransoming your business information and destroying your Bank’s reputation.

BLUE LANCE is a mature company with a mature Cybersecurity product.  We have had the time to fix our errors and the experience and large customer pool to discover what is really important in securing your information. Those wonderful customers have contributed to our success and to the leading capabilities of our comprehensive solution for Cybersecurity and Compliance.

Yes both Cybersecurity and Compliance are necessary –

Cybersecurity is about what is happening in your networks and systems and files right now – Information Security. Security of your information is CRITICAL and attacks are happening fast and happening Right Now!

Compliance is about meeting regulatory requirements and creating the digital forensics – the historical record of what happened to your networks and information – History. You want to have the historical data but if you don’t do Security right, YOU WILL BE HISTORY!

Many Cybersecurity products help you analyze your system logs, the history of what went on – it’s called Digital Forensics. But many attacks happen in moments, seconds so you need Continuous Monitoring and Immediate Notification. You need to receive an email or message right now when something bad is happening. You don’t need to find out by searching through and analyzing logs an hour or a day or a week later.

LT Auditor+ provides immediate notification –

Some systems will provide a report of findings every day or even every hour, but you don’t need to spend valuable time reading through and analyzing cryptic system log reports. You need to know what is important now while there may still be time to take action. You want Real Time Monitoring and Notifications right? Email to responsible staff members about the significant events taking place is helpful, not continuous alerts.  LT Auditor+ does notifications without making heavy demands on your IT staff to review logs and reports. Many users of competitor systems say the problem with Cybersecurity systems is they require so much manpower to analyze the logs and reports that their staff cannot keep up. Much of the analysis and many of the reports are never reviewed.

Regulatory Reporting your way –

Some systems advertise they collect data to support regulatory requirements. LT Auditor+ provides more than 100 reports which respond directly to the appropriate paragraphs and dicta of the regulatory requirements and translate the data into plain English. Once again, lots of customers, lots of years – time to incorporate the best-practices that keep you safer and make your operations more efficient. LT Auditor+ will adhere to your bank’s data governance policies which implement the regulatory requirements and guidelines.

Assessing Your Risks –

Tracking all of the control settings in your networks and the functions which protect you by providing access control to your digital assets and information and processes is a complicated effort. The system you trust to protect you and to certify that you are doing all that is possible to protect your information and the privacy of your customers must be very flexible. You do not want a rigid one-size fits all system. It must be easily configurable to meet your Bank’s policies and specific system requirements but it must not require a large staff to continuously feed and care for it. Our customers remark on how reliable our data is and low maintenance LT Auditor+ is. Little effort is required to derive its full service and protection value. We do not just analyze log files but also collect specific data and perform de-duplication and then convert the data into understandable English. This makes the system much more usable for its audit-compliance task. It also reduces your effort and cost in accomplishing your compliance reporting.

Reliable Information –

This issue of reliability of data is exceedingly important. Our customers say they find our data extremely reliable. Reliability should be a given with a digital system right!  New customers tell us stories of previous products from other vendors which have inherent design flaws. The way their data is collected, reported on and archived creates problems. In some cases that meant they could not be sure that data on an individual report was accurate. They had to go back and perform historical dumps and much analysis and transaction tracing. Customer support is another element of reliability – fast, responsive and effective are the critical descriptors. Our customers love our U.S. based customer support. They say things like “they called back within minutes”, “they always respond right away”. As to effectiveness, “they got me right back on track”, “they helped me create a special report to save me time and answer my specific question”.

To summarize –  BLUE LANCE and LT Auditor+ do CYBERSECURITY extremely well at a low price point without excessive demands on your technical staff or your budget. Its vast range of standardized reports and easy to modify reporting capability means it provides absolute industry leading compliance reporting to lower your compliance costs.

So it enlarges your security umbrella and stretches your budget and lightens your technical load. Don’t be History! Make a historically good decision – consider and then implement the best – LT Auditor+ from BLUE LANCE.

— Mikell Becker  VP the Banking Channel

You may contact him at 713-255-4840 or