Detecting High Volume Copy Operations on Windows File Systems with LT Auditor+ 2013

Why Audit High-Volume Copy Operations?
One of the most common methods to extract or steal information is to copy large volumes of critical information from file shares to either flash drives or other USB devices that can be easily removed from the environment. There have been several examples of high-volume data theft. Here are some of […]

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Activity Director User Account Lockout Activity

User account lockouts in Active Directory occur for a variety of reasons, and often the challenge is to determine the Windows node and user causing the lockout so as to resolve the issue. Account lockouts can be a frustrating experience for users, a nightmare for network administrators, and a cause for concern for security administrators. […]

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Track and Audit Active Directory Access Control Permissions

Access control is used to govern user access to shared resources for security purposes. Active Directory access control is administered at the object level by setting different levels of access, or permissions, to objects. Some of the types of permissions that can be given to any object are:

Full Control – complete access
No Access
Create Child Objects
Delete […]

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Track and Audit Active Directory Group Membership

Active Directory (AD) has two types of groups called Security and Distribution. Distribution groups are used for distribution lists in Exchange and cannot be assigned permissions or rights. Security groups are used for assigning permissions and rights and can also be used for distribution lists.

As security groups are used to control access permissions to resources […]

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Track and Monitor Active Directory Activity

Active Directory (AD) is a directory service that controls who has access to systems, applications, and data resources across the network. It is therefore very important to get visibility into Active Directory and track activities occurring within it to reduce risks and ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of resources.

LT Auditor+ protects your organization from internal […]

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PCI DSS Compliance Update Regarding Transfer of Responsibilities to Merchants

The new technology used in credit cards is the chip technology. Cards with chips are known as EMV cards. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, Visa. EMV cards come in two flavors – chip and PIN or chip and signature. MasterCard acquired Europay in 2002. EMV cards are in use in Europe since 1992. Unlike the […]

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Cyber Attacks – Today’s Biggest Business Monster

“Cyber attacks are the most menacing threat organizations face today.”

Everyday law enforcement agencies shut down businesses because their computing systems have been turned into attack weapons , critical infrastructure shut down and highly sensitive information stolen by cyber criminals costing organizations millions. The FBI says the average time a security breach goes undetected is 320 […]

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Cyber Threat: The Impact on Small and Medium Businesses

Small and medium businesses will want to attend this week’s GHP President’s Council luncheon – Cyber Threat: The Impact on Small and Medium Businesses.  The first of more cyber security presentations Houston can expect from Blue Lance in 2013.

The President’s Council is convening on Thursday, May 30, and you are invited. GHP President and CEO Bob Harvey presides over luncheons […]

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Cybersecurity Readiness Can’t Wait!

Yesterday the NYSE went into a free fall because of a bogus AP tweet resulting from a spear phishing attack. The stock market quickly recovered once the phishing attack was exposed. However, it was not without incident.

Due to the pervasiveness of today’s cyber threats, its time to shore up cybersecurity readiness enabling your organization to:

detect […]

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Cyber Theft-Targeting Intellectual Property

Cyber Theft Can Cripple Business in 2013

Cyber theft is the biggest external threat for companies by targeting their confidential information/intellectual property. In 2012,  $13 billion was lost in cyber  theft.

Cyber-espionage is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. Government and corporate secrets are targeted daily. Domestic and international cyber thieves target organizations […]

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