Your rogue password could expose your organization

Understanding the relationship between your people, policies and password settings

Let’s talk about your password. Yes, the one you’ve configured to override the company policy.

We understand why you’ve gone rogue. You have a legitimate reason for changing your settings so that you never have to change your password. Maybe you’re making sure that your backup processes […]

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Dormant Doormats: Two Things You Should Know about the Amazon Hacking

Amazon is known for its ease in delivering purchases to our doormats. But now the retail giant is in the news for another kind of ease – and it’s not good.

Hackers have figured out that Amazon’s third-party sellers are easy to hack. Cyber criminals recently accessed hundreds of accounts, posted fake items for sale, and […]

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Hacking into your organization might be this easy

Part three of a three-part series on system access assessments

Even with cybersecurity as a hot topic in recent years, hacking into your system might still be embarrassingly easy. How easy, you ask?

This easy: Within minutes, an auditor we know was able to log into a coffee company’s huge IBM system.

He discovered the security problem while […]

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Three Things to Add to Your Tax Filing Checklist

There’s more to think about this tax season than simply filing by April 18. Just ask the CEO of Sunrun.

Earlier this year, a hacker posed as the head of the residential solar company to request W-2 tax form data from the payroll department. And since it was nearing tax season, it seemed legitimate. Sensitive data […]

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A surprising Super Bowl victory for adults with developmental disabilities

If you’re a fan of American football, then you know that the Atlanta Falcons had a surprisingly victorious season. You also probably know where you’ll be watching them face the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI this Sunday in Houston, Texas.

But there will be another exciting team victory at NRG Stadium this Sunday – […]

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Why Election Hacking Should Matter to Every Business Leader

It’s everywhere in the news: Russia has been blamed for meddling with the 2016 American presidential election.

Reactions are all over the place too. Trump calls the accusation “ridiculous.” Cyber experts say direct hacking of voting booths is “unlikely.” They point out the decentralized design in which booths aren’t connected to the Internet or each even […]

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The 2016 Holiday Must-Have List

We all know the universal rule of thumb for gift-giving: “It’s the thought that counts.”

But I think kids everywhere would agree there’s also a universal gift-giving faux pas. It’s when a child rips open a gift and squeals in delight to find a shiny new toy all for him – only to discover batteries […]

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The big phish: Don’t get hooked by ransomware or B.E.C.

For as long as the internet has been a primary mode of doing business, cyber criminals have used phishing scams to steal money and information from consumers and businesses. But recently, cyber thieves have innovated new variations on traditional phishing scams such as ransomware and business email compromise.

What is phishing?

Phishing scams occur when criminals pose […]

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Six ways to prevent or limit the impact of a cyberattack

Cybersecurity threats happen – and often. It’s gotten to the point that we can read a story every day about shady characters hacking into company information.

In fact, it’s been reported that LinkedIn is a recent target. More than 100 million people are reportedly in danger of having their login information exploited. Hackers have even found […]

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