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for Microsoft Windows and OES networks


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Reduce attack surface and in-network dwell time

Our software delivers world-class IT security audit automation limits attacker’s access to Active Directory, assesses security controls, and identifies suspicious activity in real-time. LT Auditor+ is the solution of choice for IT professionals to audit and protect their system’s security with confidence.

reduce in-network dwell time

Reduce attacker in-network dwell time

We help protect your IT infrastructure security by collecting suspicious activities and providing you with guidance to help.
attack surface reduction

Find your IT system’s vulnerabilities

Our IT audit software provides you with real-time monitoring, so you can stay alert to malicious software in your system.
securing remote workers

Securing remote workers

Track users’ remote endpoints with intuitive portals, to ensure the safety of your organization and protect employees from cyber threats.

Audit the security of your IT infrastructure, prove compliance

Collect the exact information you need to meet compliance requirements: LT Auditor+ provides report templates, maps regulatory or standards requirements, and creates artifacts. Our templates are built for:

ISO 27001

Prevent data breaches within your organization, use a convenient single software interface

IT professionals face the challenge of moving from one IT security auditing software to another to meet cyber-threat security requirements. Find all these features within a single software solution, LT Auditor+.

Experience IT security auditing through a single interface

We help you quickly detect and respond to cyber threats in your organization. Protect your Active Directory from unauthorized users and investigate all changes across your windows workstations.

When I tell the Bank Examiners I am using LT Auditor+ they say OK and move on … I am confident we pass our Bank Examinations and Audits because of LT Auditor+
IT Security Administrator, Banking
Four to five generations ahead of any other product we have seen …
Director of Technology and Information, City Government
Our Internal and Independent Auditors give a thumbs up to LT Auditor+
Network Administrator, Public Corporation