Reduce attacker in-network dwell time, benefit from real-time monitoring

Malicious software can remain undetected for months (or years) within your organization’s network, gaining increasing permissions to maximize the impact of its attack.
Continuously monitor your IT environment with LT Auditor+: it helps detect and quickly respond to cyber-attacks, protecting your sensitive data before it’s too late. LT Auditor+ improves your cyber hygiene by monitoring threat indicators such as:
  • Suspicious patterns in logon access.
  • Threatening workstation and desktop activities.
  • Instances of privilege escalations in Active Directory.
  • Suspicious access or modifications on file shares.
We search for potential indicators of compromise, enabling rapid investigation and remediation.
  • in-network dwell time
Detect suspicious activities and take immediate actions to maintain a secure system.
Discover dormant viruses and protect your sensitive data against ransomware attacks.
Get automated alerts on events based parttern in your environment to prevent data breaches.