Find your IT system’s vulnerabilities, protect your critical data from hackers

Over-permissioned accounts are a common single point of failure leading to security incidents. Excessive privileges and password policy misconfigurations make your business vulnerable to cyber intruders.
Discover your IT system’s vulnerabilities, correct weak-spots, and limit data exfiltration and ransomware with LT Auditor+.
  • Detect vulnerable/needless permissions to enforce least privileges.
  • Identify your security controls misconfigurations.
  • Detect privileged dormant accounts to improve cyber hygiene.
  • Identify password settings that compromises IT security.
  • Detect vulnerable accounts and groups in Active Directory.
  • in-network dwell time
Assess the security of your IT infrastructure to reduce attack surface in your organization.
Limit the impact of ransomware attacks by discovering vulnerabilities in your organization.
Protect your employees’ records data from hackers using your system vulnerabilities.