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An Employee Stands Accused…CyberHeist

the story of a cyberheist continues…


“ Yes, this is true, which is why you were not fired immediately. I’m afraid we aren’t at liberty to discuss the details of the investigation at this time, but we needed to inform you it was happening. It is company policy to place you on indefinite leave.”

William’s mouth opened […]

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Cyberheist: You Stand accused now…

Cyberheist: You stand accused. Now what?

We’ve all done it: Believed a rumor or the doubt around someone accused of a crime.  It’s our brain’s natural response.  It goes back to our days of survival, protection thinking at its best –or is it?

And with cyber criminals becoming extremely agile in their ability to steal things right […]

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It’s a Story of a CyberHeist

What if you started your morning like many others, thinking you were on top of your game — only to find out the floor fell beneath your feet?

That is becoming a serious possibility for more employees who think they are following their company’s protocol, only to find themselves looking at the wrong end of the […]

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