Cyberheist: You stand accused. Now what?

We’ve all done it: Believed a rumor or the doubt around someone accused of a crime.  It’s our brain’s natural response.  It goes back to our days of survival, protection thinking at its best –or is it?

And with cyber criminals becoming extremely agile in their ability to steal things right out from under our noses, do you want to place yourself in that position at work?

The pace of cyber theft is almost outpacing our ability to protect our digital managed assets.  Vigilance is the new rally cry for businesses and everyday folks alike.

When cyber crime happens, it affects everyone:  the people inside, the people outside, and the people all around a business.  Every one of them is important. And every one of them can feel the impact.

This is the second chapter of a story that takes you inside one company that, like all companies, is dealing with the threat affecting all modern businesses — cyber crime.  What would you do in William’s situation?  How would you respond to the accusation?  What would go through your head if you were accused of a cyber crime?

The story continues…


An employee stands accused…

William Burrough sat utterly still in shock and disbelief as the words of his manager sunk into him. He hoped they wouldn’t see him beginning to shake.

“Wh- What?”

His manager, Marie Pierre, repeated herself. “We have reason to believe you may have had something to do with the money and are conducting an investigation.”

The information now setting in more strongly, William felt a swarm in his stomach as his mind raced.

“Well— how-… what makes you think that?” William swallowed. “My service and reputation are exceptional!”

Marie looked over at the Chief Security Officer, Karun DasGupta, for a moment, but only a moment, before looking back at one of her longest-tenured employees.

false cyberheist gets employee fired


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