Cyberheist  Test the Best of IT Security Departments

The immense responsibility for decision makers like CIO, Chief Security Officers and  HR directors surrounding digitally managed assets has jumped the cliff.

In just a few short years, we have seen problematic , unaddressed, cyber security challenges  snowball into catastrophic events that damage brands and cause customers to flee.

And it’s happening in more than just the banking and financial industries;  it has spread to health, government, and now, every day small businesses.

This causes wide-reaching repercussions, from theft to IP, loss of physical assets to not knowing if you are hiring employees who were fired for cyber fraud.

This story of a Cyberheist shows all the lives and departments one incident touches when cyber criminals tip toe through your digital assets unseen. Click the link to read this week’s chapter and see how a cyber security incident can ripple through your boardroom.

the cyberheist story continues…

When a world class employee is asked to take leave from the company…


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First National Capital Bank Manager Marie Pierre let out a long breath when William left the room, shifting in her seat in an attempt to cover the sound of it.

CIO Veronica Smith tilted her head a bit in contemplation. “Marie, we know this can’t have been easy on you. You handled yourself very professionally.”

Marie nodded. “Thank you. I still… can’t believe it.”

“I know,” said Chief Security Officer Karun DasGupta. “We are often surprised when we discover something like this. From what I hear, William has a very solid track record here. But that’s what our investigation yielded.”

rest of the story…

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