a story of a cyberheist continues… 


Even the company’s Chief Security Officer, Karun DasGupta, felt uneasy about the process.

But nobody felt worse about informing William of his fate than Marie Pierre. She had seen this before. As an account manager at a regional bank, a coworker and close friend had been let go for suspect reasons after money disappeared from one of his accounts.

William reminded me of her coworker. Both were with their respective companies for several years. Both were team players inside the company.

Both seemed innocent.

She took another sip of coffee. Her coworker had a very difficult time getting back on his feet after he was let go.

To make matters worse, Marie Pierre knew that companies had gotten in hot water recently for failing to follow up on IT issues. The IT Department blamed William because his login credentials had been used. But so what? A criminal can break into your house using your key; that doesn’t mean you wanted your jewelry to go missing. And cybercriminals were famous for stealing login credentials.

Some companies had products and solutions that equipped them to fight this kind of thing; others didn’t.

cybercrime hero saves cyberheist victims


Marie Pierre finished her coffee, gathered her coat and purse and headed for the exit. But when she was about five feet from the door, she stopped and turned back to her desk.

It was time to get to the bottom of this.

Marie Pierre is determined to see what happened and find out if one of her best employees has been wrongly accused. Is she on to something or barking up the wrong cyber tree? And how will she determine whether or not he is guilty?

What if this happened at your company?


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 a cyberheist continues

All characters and other entities appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, dead or alive, or other real-life entities, past or present, is purely coincidental.

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