Cybercrime Frequency Disturbing in the Banking Industry

Cybercrime prevention isn’t a standard skill. Even super heroes don’t have the powers needed to combat the type of cyberheists that are happening to businesses right now, especially in the financial sector.


Cybercrime enemies are not always visible.  Sometimes the enemy is someone from your own team. Facing the unending creativity of hackers who find weaknesses and exploit them, companies are finding kryptonite in every desktop in the office.

cybersecurity research for self governance
And when you add tablets and mobile devices to the mix, even the bat signal, shimmering in the sky for all of Gotham to see, could not shine a light on these criminals fast enough. With the amount of directions you can be attacked from, it would take more than Captain America and his full team of avengers combined to stop them.

But what if there was a super hero (or heroine) with a solution? The Wonder Woman of IT who used her magic lasso to gather all areas of exposure and deliver real time monitoring? What if you could eliminate the mountain of data burying your IT security department, keeping them swamped and unable to identify potential hackers fast enough and before they wipe out a customer’s bank account?

The next chapter of a story of cyberheist takes us through an unopened door that might hold the answers to the guilt or innocence of William.  Which side of the cybercrime coin are you betting on?

 continuing a story of a cyberheist… 

A hero emerges

First National Capital Bank Manager Marie Pierre sat in her office an hour after the close of business, drinking a cup of coffee. She didn’t normally drink coffee in the evening, but then again, she didn’t normally have so much to think about after the work day had ended.

Coffee helped her think in the morning and she hadn’t been sleeping well anyway. Why not try a cup after work?

Marie Pierre pondered the case of William Burrough, a man she believed was one of her best account reps. Mr. Burrough might not be with the company much longer, though; the IT department had more or less determined he had stolen money from the account of one of his reps.

The whole thing didn’t sit right with her…

rest of story…