Cyber criminals may seem like supervillains, but companies can defeat them. New thinking, new questions, and new skills illuminate a baffling amount of doors to the modern hacker’s method of stealing banking information.  When you have the right data to unlock those doors, you become a well-armed, self governance champ, a bonafide cyber hero.

In this chapter, one such heroine was able to unlock the mystery that is about to cost a man his job and livelihood.


In an idyllic world, just one single year ago, our IT departments were able to keep our company’s data locked down with multiple cyber security solutions.  Today’s security teams are on the receiving end of demented hackers sucking the life-force right out of yesterday’s cyber security systems.

Now that hackers have the power of invisible cyber-armies at their immediate disposal, you must arm individuals inside your company to defend yourself.

You must enlist cyber heros.

Cyber monitoring and governance solutions are beginning to provide each employee with the ability to sound the alarm when unusual activities alert them to today’s sneak, test and steal style hacking techniques.  What if each department became part of your team of Avengers, armed with what will feel like super powers directed at hackers?  How satisfying would it be to see in real time when hackers were testing your fortress and stop them in their tracks?

In this next chapter of a cyberheist, one secret cyber door is opened, creating an unexpected surprise for the IT security department.

Are you ready to halt hackers in their tracks? Then read on.

a story of a cyberheist goes on…

Innocent or guilty?

Marie Pierre’s hands shook. She had started several hours before and the missed clicks in the UI and the typos in her notes were piling up faster and more frequently than they had when she started.
She forged on, though. A man’s career and future hung in the balance.

And he was one of her employees.

Marie Pierre finished her fourth cup of coffee and finally threw the cup in the trash. She was getting diminishing returns out of the caffeine and couldn’t stand to take in another drop.

self governance reporting phishing attacks

Finally, a little after midnight, she had what she needed. Marie Pierre printed the report, gathered her belongings and headed home.

The next morning, Marie Pierre scheduled a meeting with her Chief Security Officer Karun Dasgupta, CIO Veronica Smith and HR Director Mike Lam. Their schedules didn’t line up for several days, but she pressed them individually, stating that the matter was urgent and would only take a few moments.
By the time they all sat in the room together, Marie looked both disheveled and agonized.

Still, she maintained composure.

“Thank you very much for meeting me. I wanted to discuss William Burrough with all of you just a bit more.”

She took a breath.

“I know Mr. Burrough has been suspended and placed on leave. According to our IT Department, our best guess is that he was the culprit in the disappearance of Ms. Parker’s money

“But I have reason to believe we may have made a mistake.”

a cyberheist continues…