…a story of a cyberheist concludes…or does it?

“Thank you, Marie” said Veronica. “We also want you to know that we have obtained a new solution called LT Auditor+ that will allow us to more effectively minimize today’s cyber threats with powerful, proactive self governance.

“Would it be alright if I am here when Mr. Burrough returns?” asked Marie.

“Sure,” said Mike. “In fact, he should be here in thirty minutes.”

cyberheist banking login credentials

William felt odd returning to the company parking lot, and even more odd sitting waiting in the lobby for them to call him in.

But eventually, just as he had before, William sat in a room with Marie Pierre, Karun, Mike and Veronica.

Karun cut to the point. “William, we believe you were set up by way of a nasty new kind of sophisticated  email cybercrime that is sweeping through the business community.”

William seemed slightly relieved, but also concerned.

“We are sorry,” said Karun.

William sat up.

“Thank you for your offer. I have some questions.”

He thought, then spoke. “My family and I have been through a lot over the past month. Do I have any guarantee this won’t happen again?”

Mike spoke. “Believe us: We never want this to happen again.”

“I know. So how can you assure me this will not happen to me— or anyone like me— again?” William replied.

Veronica answered. “Our IT team was able to catch the error the second time through. We are gathering this week to talk about some of our procedures and our new solution.”

“That’s good,” said William. “But I feel we should be able to do more for employees. Forgive me if this is out of line, but the procedures didn’t exactly help! I did everything to the letter and there was still a mistake. I’m a reliable employee, smart, dedicated to my job, and loyal to the company. What can we do about good employees being set up?”

Karun nodded. “You are 100% right, William. You’re an incredible reliable employee, so a hacker can easily read your work patterns and mirror what you do. That’s why we just obtained a product called LT Auditor+ to help us address the issue. LT Auditor+ is the best possible way to monitor this kind of behavior and solve issues before they start.”

“Good,” said William. “Your employees deserve protection they can trust. And it would really hurt the company if you don’t provide it for them. Some of your best employees won’t stick around without it.”

William leaned forward.

“Now tell me more about this LT Auditor+.”

First National Capital Bank hired a hero in Marie Pierre. But not all companies are lucky enough to have an employee who is as diligent in identifying the actual events of a security breach. And not all companies can track security issues definitively.

Furthermore, the fallout from this issue could have been disastrous.

  • First National Capital Bank almost lost one of its best employees.
  • A loyal customer and top account was jeopardized.
  • The actual source for the breach went unidentified, leaving First National Capital Bank at risk for continual future thefts.
  • Their stock price could have plummeted through the floor from a lack of public confidence, a scenario that nearly crushed the financial sector only a few years ago. There’s nothing like a loss of reputation to destroy a bank.
  • The media may have leveled incredible scrutiny at the company.
  • William may have sued (he still could).
  • William may have gone bankrupt from legal fees, been completely demoralized, or even lost self worth.
  • Or the customer, Ms. Parker, may have sued the bank (she still can), opening the company up to damage and liability payments and a domino effect of other lawsuits that could absolutely crush it.

The effect of cyber security uncertainty puts the company and its employees’ financial vitality— and the financial health of its customers— at risk. With an easily opened, unprotected system, your company will stand defenseless against the world’s most heinous cyber criminals. Today’s sophisticated cyber threats render existing security solutions and methods ineffective.

That’s why you can’t afford to conduct business without Blue Lance’s expanded oversight solution, LT Auditor+.

LT Auditor+ is one of the only solutions on the market capable of handling situations just like these… and it’s the only one capable of tying together all of your cyber security needs so you can track activity and stop IT security issues before they start.

Save your company time, resources and black eyes. Modernize your cyber security systems with LT Auditor+.

How could a IT solution offer you company a door into cyber self governance?

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All characters and other entities appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, dead or alive, or other real-life entities, past or present, is purely coincidental.


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