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Cybersecurity Readiness Can’t Wait!

Yesterday the NYSE went into a free fall because of a bogus AP tweet resulting from a spear phishing attack. The stock market quickly recovered once the phishing attack was exposed. However, it was not without incident.

Due to the pervasiveness of today’s cyber threats, its time to shore up cybersecurity readiness enabling your organization to:

detect […]

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Cyber Theft-Targeting Intellectual Property

Cyber Theft Can Cripple Business in 2013

Cyber theft is the biggest external threat for companies by targeting their confidential information/intellectual property. In 2012,  $13 billion was lost in cyber  theft.

Cyber-espionage is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. Government and corporate secrets are targeted daily. Domestic and international cyber thieves target organizations […]

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Cyber Warfare – the threat to businesses

 Is Cyber Warfare Our Vulnerable Point in 2013?
The threat of being hacked for a hacker’s personal gain has been eclipsed with the advent of Nation States sponsored hacking factories. There is a growing concern that the next major war will include sophisticated Cyber warfare techniques and weapons. It makes sense.  The USA, China and Russia […]

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Time to spread word about city’s tech prowess

Time to spread word about city’s tech prowess – an article from Umesh Verma

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7 Steps

7 Steps to Investigate Alleged Employee Misconduct & Writing Comprehensive Investigative Reports – Washington, D.C.
Sep 20-21, 2012

Renaissance Washington D.C. Dupont Circle Hotel
1143 New Hampshire Avenue NW
Washington, D.C.  20037-1522 USA

For more information click here

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Insider Threat

Blue Lance CEO Umesh Verma Featured in CBS Channel 11 News Story on Insider Threat

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Don’t Get Wikileaked!

Disclosures Highlight Ease of Information Theft by Insiders

Security solutions must include robust detection capabilities
by Umesh K. Verma

Information technology officers in the Pentagon, U.S. State Dept. and embassies worldwide are not the only ones moaning and groaning over the rapidly unfolding WikiLeaks fiasco. CEOs in the executive suites and boardrooms of banks and credit unions also are feeling […]

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The GRC Summit

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Summit
October 23rd -25th, 2012

The Chicago 2012 GRC Summit will mark the 7th installment of the most comprehensive GRC program available for risk and compliance officers worldwide. The Governance, Risk Management and Compliance Summit has set out to provide an outlet for educating corporate decision makers on the value of a […]

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