Cyber Theft Can Cripple Business in 2013


Cyber theft is the biggest external threat for companies by targeting their confidential information/intellectual property. In 2012,  $13 billion was lost in cyber  theft.

Cyber-espionage is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. Government and corporate secrets are targeted daily. Domestic and international cyber thieves target organizations for profit and/or competitive advantage. There’s no way to stop an attack against your company’s network, however identifying threats as quickly as possible enables your company to minimize risk, cost and damage to your brand, corporate and employee’s reputation.

No company wants cyber theft pounding at the front door of their business online.

Accept the fact that if somebody wants to get in, they’re getting in, however you can make sure the attacks are minimized:

  • Implement conventional security tools and policies that make it much less likely that you’ll suffer a serious breach
  • Avoid over-reliance on security tools alone
  • Inventory, segregate and monitor critical data in real time
  • Implement appropriate governance to ensure effectiveness of tools and policies
  • Implement security awareness training at regular intervals

Blue Lance is committed to helping organizations

minimize cyber threats.

Our LT Auditor+ 2013 solution and services help in the following way:

  • Expands oversight in an organization by introducing the capability to monitor and audit multiple operating system platforms, network devices and applications. Organizations that have statutory auditing requirements can now leverage LT Auditor+ 2013 to cover the entire network to fulfill their obligations without having to put up with multiple point solutions.
  • Automates the collection of security and compliance data across the enterprise. A core benefit is capabilities introduced to transform complex and cryptic system logs, from various platforms, into information that clear and actionable.
  • Scales to enterprises of any size. Sensitive information is collected and stored in a central repository that can be secured and protected. This central repository allows for detailed forensic analysis as well trending metrics to identify potential exposures that increase risks.

Today data ex-filtration of confidential and sensitive data has become such a critical issue with elevated security risks. This issue has very high visibility of the upper management and boards of every type of organization. Incidents of APT’s (Advanced Persistent Threats), Insider Threat, fraud and malicious activity continue to be widespread and prevalent. LT Auditor+ 2013’s overarching solution can be a core part of an organizations cyber threat mitigation infrastructure by providing clear and concise visibility into activities across operating systems, network devises and applications in the organization.



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