Cyber theft and attacks can come from anywhere – from inside or outside your company.

Over 80% of businesses fail within a year of being breached.

Cyber-attacks are increasing even when firewalls, encryption and sophisticated authentication systems are in place. In fact, executives and administrators are often stunned when they discover:

  • Credit card information is stolen
  • Critical files are destroyed
  • Funds are missing
  • Intellectual property is stolen
  • Client files are stolen
  • Patient records have been compromised
  • Trusted employees, service providers, former employees or business partners have stolen information

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Reports of hackers who have detailed knowledge of internal systems and use of that knowledge for their own monetary benefits are mounting. The malicious attacker is sometimes a trusted employee or contractor who has access to corporate data based on their role. In other situations it may be a hacker from the outside impersonating an insider.
When a company’s technology infrastructure is infiltrated and customer information is lost, complying with notice breach laws in addition to retrofitting the infrastructure, dealing with change of focus increases the cost exponentially. Additionally, bad press tarnishes a company’s reputation and erodes consumer confidence which leads to revenue loss.
Blue Lance’s LT Auditor+ software suite helps you run your business with confidence. It continuously monitors system access and user activity and collects the information in a central repository. At any time, you can query the system and find out who has accessed your networks, changed security settings, accessed sensitive information, or copied information off the network onto flash drives.