Modern cyber criminals have become more agile than a gizzelle racing through the tundras of Kenya. Can you afford to turn your back on the speed a cyberheist can be committed today?

How can we find answers that protect the company’s interest and employees’ rights while accomplishing security objectives in our cyber frazzled world?

Inside each business and department, loyal employees they are working in a safe environment.  After all, they have an IT security department that constructs firewalls, safe passages and strong fortresses against hackers.

They cover data, lots of data to ensure everyone, inside and out, are following the rules there to protect the company, their IP and their customers.  Between OS, applications, and devices with multiple solutions that would give any IT professional a migraine to monitor and separate, disconnected reporting for each solution, cyber governance management is becoming an information quagmire. Each new form of digital protection creates a new complication in accurately tracking what truly occurs under the hood.

And suddenly, an employee like William Burrough is accused of something he may not have done… but no one can verify it.

How far would you dig to get to the bottom of a cyber heist in your bank?  When the evidence points to one person, is there room for conflicting information? Read the 5th chapter of a story that could happen to any business.

the story of a cyberheist continues…


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The investigation that nearly destroyed the life of a valuable employee…

The First National Capital Bank security team had just completed its investigation of the Burrough account. CIO Veronica Smith and her entire staff of security specialists were out of energy and ready to leave for the day.

She picked up the phone to call her Chief Security Officer. He picked up on the second ring.

“This is Karun DasGupta.”

“Hi Karun. It’s Veronica. We’ve concluded the investigation. Do you have a moment to discuss it?”

“Sure. I’ll be down in a moment.”

the rest of the story…