LT Auditor+: SQL Server

LT Auditor+ for SQL Server provides best of class audit and compliance reporting. Backed by world-class support, LT Auditor+ audits and alerts on Microsoft SQL Server DML, DCL, DDL activity changes in real-time and generates easy-to-read, examiner friendly reports.

LT Auditor+ for SQL Server is configurable to fit seamlessly into any organization, large or small. LT Auditor+ allows your organization to immediately reap the benefits of continuous security and compliance monitoring by enabling your organization to improve incident response time, provide comprehensive audit reports, meet compliance control transformation requirements, ensure privacy, confidentiality and integrity, all while saving time and money.

Features and Benefits

  • High Quality Data: Removes the complexity from cryptic event logs by providing clear, concise information on who did what from where and when on your SQL Server instances in human readable format.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Get notified in real time when critical changes occur on Microsoft SQL Servers. Events such as unauthorized access to PII or PHI data, granting or revoking permissions to sensitive databases can be immediately tracked enabling a faster response to threat mitigation.
  • PII /PHI Data Access: Monitor all DML changes to critical PII or PHI data fields to ensure that only authorized access is made to sensitive data ensuring accountability for security and compliance.
  • Privileged User Access: Organizations must audit all activity by administrators and other privileged user IDs like the ‘sa’ account. All generic ID activity should not be permitted and LT Auditor+ can detect this activity. If detected corrective controls need to be put in place to ensure that unauthorized or illegal access to the database is not occurring.
  • Failed Access: Captures all failed access to the database to identify if an attack is in progress or to assist administrators troubleshoot a problem.
  • Segregation of duties: Provides the ability to audit and monitor multiple SQL instances, across geographic locations. This information provides auditors and security administrators the confidence that segregation of duties have been enforced on access to critical data vital for any organization.
SQL Server
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Reports Template

All Authentication Activity
Successful Login Activity
Failed Login Activity
Privileged User Login Activity
Summary Report
Set Password
Change Password
Account unlocked
Change Application Role Password
Summary Report
All DML Operations
Select Commands
Update Commands
Delete Commands
Insert Commands
Execute Commands
PII (Personal Identifiable Information) Access
PHI (Personal Health Information) Access
Summary Report
Principals (Logins)
Create Logins
Delete Logins
Modify Logins
Database Principal Changes
Server Principal Changes
Database Principal Impersonation
Server Principal Impersonation

Database Objects
Database Table Changes
Create Database Objects
Modify Database Objects
Delete Database Objects

Create Databases
Modify Databases
Delete Databases

Server Objects
Create Server Objects
Modify Server Objects
Delete Server Objects

Database Role Member Changes
Server Role Member Changes
Summary Report

Database Object Grant Permissions
Database Object Deny Permissions
Database Object Revoke Permissions
Database Permissions
Server Object Permissions
Server Permissions

Database Object Ownership Changes
Database Ownership Changes
Server Object Ownership Changes
Summary Report

Object Changes
Ownership Changes
Permission Changes
Audit Changes
Trace Changes
Database Backup
Database Restore
Started SQL server
Paused SQL server