LT Auditor+: SharePoint

Reporting with LT Auditor+ for SharePoint has never been faster and easier. Through centralized reporting, users can consolidate data or create forensic analysis reports organization-wide. LT Auditor+ for SharePoint offers over 100 standard reports that target both security and compliance, all while adding drill-down capability to individual events. Additionally, new reports may be created and customized to display only required details and scheduled for automated delivery.

Features and Benefits

  • Quality Data: Removes the complexity analyzing events from event logs logs by providing clear, concise information on who did what from where and when on your SharePoint infrastructure in human readable format.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Get notified in real time when critical changes occur in SharePoint such as elevation of privileges or access to sensitive or critical documents.
  • Track Site Administrative Changes: Monitor when configuration changes occur on SharePoint to ensure that these changes were authorized as part of change control processes.
  • Audit Data Reduction: Allows for complex filtering from hundreds and thousands of messages per second so as to collect relevant data for auditing. This avoids the clutter and noise associated with enormous volumes of event log data, providing for high quality reporting and forensic analysis.
  • Permission Changes: Monitor when SharePoint permissions to sensitive files or sites are changed. This is important to secure the principals of ‘Least Privileges’ and ‘Need to Know’.
  • Simplified Management: Provides the ability to audit and monitor clusters of SharePoint servers from a single console.
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Audited Events

Access Control Changes
Document Update Events
List Update Events
Container Object Update Events
Generic Object Changes Events
View Events
Custom SharePoint Audit Events
SharePoint Search
Import / Export Events
Information Management Policy Changes
Audit Trail Integrity Events

Reports Template

All Audit Trail Integrity Events Report
Audit Policy Changed Report
Audit Logs Deleted Report
All Group Changes Report
Group Created Report
Group Deleted Report
Group Member Added Report
Group Member Removed Report
All Information Management Policy Changes Report
Policy Created Report
Policy Changed Report
Site Collection Policy Created Report
Site Collection Policy Changed Report